Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm In Love

With Hank!
I wished for 9 months I was having a girly, even after I knew I was having a boy. Scott and I would shop for baby Hanks clothes and furniture and I always would end up in the girly section looking for stuff for Trixie who I knew wasn't coming but
the moment Hank arrived and he was taken to his little station to be cleaned and weighed and measured and he just looked over at me with those sad blue eyes wondering how I could ever have taken him from his cozy womb to this cold, crazy, scary place called earth, I knew I was in love and I don't think I ever felt so emotional. I felt that instant love with my girls but it was just different with Henry. Maybe it was because he was my first and only son, or maybe because I had waited so long for his arrival, or it was looking at Scotts face knowing how long he had waited to be a father, I don't know, but whatever it was, I cannot describe the emotions I felt seeing this tiny baby boy of mine for the first time.
Tons has happened in my life over the last 4 years, to much to write and most of you reading this probably already know the most important parts but a lot happened in between to get me were I am now. It's been rough at times but so worth the wait and payoff.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I love love love this girl! She is so smart and so talented and I could not ask for a more obedient daughter. Tonight we got to see her perform for the first time in a school concert playing her cello, one of my most favorite instruments. I was so impressed, I am ready to go out and buy my own and hire her to teach me. She looks so grown up and so pretty in this picture so I had to share it.
In other news, we are busy preparing for Christmas, putting up all our decorations while taking everything else down off the walls and getting ready to move into a bigger home. I will miss this cute little town home I have been in for 3 years but the girls and I have finally outgrown it with the addition of Scott (husband) Murphy (the dog) and the news of our new baby coming in July! I'm finishing up my last week of school and I cannot wait for a break from it all so I can catch up on some sleep. Besides all the chaos, and the busy schedules and nausea, I am so excited and feel so blessed for everything that is happening in our lives.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

(Very blurry picture of Maddie and her cousin Emma at a haunted house we went to on Halloween)

I am relieved! I have found a way out of my math, for the most part anyways. I am all brains when it comes to college except for math and maybe a bit of reading and a slight writing and spelling disability and maybe a computer illiteracy problem but other than that... I have struggled with my math since I went back to school 3 years ago and now I am done! With the advice of my therapist/councilor, I switched to an online class via B.Y.U That was the solution to all my math problems. They have such low standards guys that even I can get in to the 1 class I need for my bachelors degree with no prerequisites! It only costs like thousands of dollars! Other than ya I paid. They even give me free Japanese tutoring (with a small deposit of course, that I paid).
So I am looking at 2 more semesters after 1 more semester and 1 semester of student teaching! That's right around the corner! Blah blah blah.
So in other news, Scott while waiting to start Metro, has gotten a job at the new City Center which is like a world of its own on the strip and his first day was yesterday. He loves it! Great pay great benefits and we are hoping to start looking for a new house beginning of the year. We had a great Halloween weekend. Below are some pictures of our weekend.

We started out at the Springs preserve and I have to say, I have never been asked by so many people to take my picture. I am the Octomom, Frances is not just a vampire but a princess vampire(she wants that to be made very clear) and Maddie is Albert Einstein
Maddie as her idol
Scottie Frances and I
Scottie and the girls
Frances as a Vampire

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Calling all Vampire nerds!

I happen to miss out on Forks but I think this beats that trip, yeah??

The craziest thing happened to my family today. We decided to take a drive out to Hendertucky today to do some shopping at the Galleria mall. As we were walking around I started to feel a sharp pain in my heart. I was a bit scared for a moment til low and behold a doctor showed up.
I just so happen to have a copy of a Twilight book in my purse for Doctor Carlial to sign.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yes I was terrified of flying, but once again, after Scott arrived permanently in Vegas, we decided to again, fly back to St. Louis for my 3rd favorite holiday. Labor Day!!! Yeah!!Woohooo!
This picture above is me and Scott and those kids of mine concurring the Arch!!
We saw many (FREE) fabulous sights! My favorite would be the zoo Landee!

Ya, photo is creepy but real! This ape thingy came right down to Frances just in time to pose for a snapshot. My next favorite thing was some farm apparently owned by a President under the name of a Grant??? Whatever, but the property was super fabulous. It all went well til we lost Frances for about 20 minutes. I was a reck and had to completely throw out the camel feed I had just boughten in order to find her but it was well worth the 2 quarters(.50 cent).

Overall I have been very impressed with St. Louis and love Scott's family. We are planning to go back again for Thanksgiving and I cannot wait!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Looking for Pills....

I haven't flown in 10 years and that is on purpose but in 4 days I will be boarding a flight for St. Louis and this is all I can think about....

For those who don't know I greatly inherited by dad's paranoia. Just walking into an airport gives me major anxiety. I don't know what I was thinking when agreeing to go 2 weeks ago but I haven't slept through the night since. I will be meeting Scott's family for the first time and I have come to the conclusion that no man is worth me flying for. He has been given very clear instructions not to bring me to meet the family until Friday because I will be doped up big time by the time (if I arrive)I land in St. Louie. So now all I need is a drug peddler.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am anxiously awaiting

this Groovy dude

We met in April of 2008 and though I am a bit embarrassed to say we met online via my space (he totally pursued me) he was overseas in Iraqi helping with "Anaconda Operation Freedom "snakin out those snakes(refer to S.N.L 2002-20present, "we are gonna snnnnake em' out)<------say while shaking left hand like a gypsy followed by snake eye signs close to the eye pupils and sticking out tongue making snake sounds)
Anywho, after he became infatuated with my amazing looks and winning personality I decided to subdue his needs temporarily of course and respond to his perverse e-mails. Well after a whole year of writing daily and his obsessiveness over me, he was finally released back to his home in St. Louis and immediately flew out to Las Vegas to meet me after being home with family and all his friends and breaking up with ex's and stuff for a couple of months. We hit it off immediately when he did finally meet my hot body. Fine, it may have been mostly because of my charm and demanding good looks.
Well after many trips to Vegas, I soon gave all my family the privilege of meeting Scott. I had very quickly come to the realization about the kind of selfless and genuinely kind person this guy truly was. He went through the police academy in Missouri joined the reserve and soon after was sent to Iraq for a year to train the Iraqi police by the time we finally met by you know what(shhh). He will finally be moving here to be with me and transferring to the National Air Guard Unit at Nellis Air Force here in Las Vegas the beginning of August and will be testing with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department on the 1st of September. I am confident he will get a position but after watching the news lately and seeing why there are so many openings for police officers..... kinda scary
Anyways I am so grateful to have met him! I feel like I have been given a second chance for true happiness in my life. To top it off, he promises not give me or any family/friends tickets! Finally...I have an In!
I am finally on a summer break from school. I still have to finish up a couple math classes at CSN. Math is by far my worst subject and I have only passed a few quizzes over the summer due to brains (A.K.A Jenny) but other that that I blew it. Besides preparing to hire an Asian math tutor, I am preparing to attend UNLV to finish up my bachelor's in Special Education in January. My girls are healthy, happy and doing fabulous. We spent a great weekend in Boise with the Morgans and Becks for the 4th. I couldn't ask for more right now. I cant wait for what lies ahead!