Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yes I was terrified of flying, but once again, after Scott arrived permanently in Vegas, we decided to again, fly back to St. Louis for my 3rd favorite holiday. Labor Day!!! Yeah!!Woohooo!
This picture above is me and Scott and those kids of mine concurring the Arch!!
We saw many (FREE) fabulous sights! My favorite would be the zoo Landee!

Ya, photo is creepy but real! This ape thingy came right down to Frances just in time to pose for a snapshot. My next favorite thing was some farm apparently owned by a President under the name of a Grant??? Whatever, but the property was super fabulous. It all went well til we lost Frances for about 20 minutes. I was a reck and had to completely throw out the camel feed I had just boughten in order to find her but it was well worth the 2 quarters(.50 cent).

Overall I have been very impressed with St. Louis and love Scott's family. We are planning to go back again for Thanksgiving and I cannot wait!