Tuesday, November 3, 2009

(Very blurry picture of Maddie and her cousin Emma at a haunted house we went to on Halloween)

I am relieved! I have found a way out of my math, for the most part anyways. I am all brains when it comes to college except for math and maybe a bit of reading and a slight writing and spelling disability and maybe a computer illiteracy problem but other than that... I have struggled with my math since I went back to school 3 years ago and now I am done! With the advice of my therapist/councilor, I switched to an online class via B.Y.U That was the solution to all my math problems. They have such low standards guys that even I can get in to the 1 class I need for my bachelors degree with no prerequisites! It only costs like thousands of dollars! Other than that....so ya I paid. They even give me free Japanese tutoring (with a small deposit of course, that I paid).
So I am looking at 2 more semesters after 1 more semester and 1 semester of student teaching! That's right around the corner! Blah blah blah.
So in other news, Scott while waiting to start Metro, has gotten a job at the new City Center which is like a world of its own on the strip and his first day was yesterday. He loves it! Great pay great benefits and we are hoping to start looking for a new house beginning of the year. We had a great Halloween weekend. Below are some pictures of our weekend.

We started out at the Springs preserve and I have to say, I have never been asked by so many people to take my picture. I am the Octomom, Frances is not just a vampire but a princess vampire(she wants that to be made very clear) and Maddie is Albert Einstein
Maddie as her idol
Scottie Frances and I
Scottie and the girls
Frances as a Vampire


Annie said...

At least your getting closer to graduation...right?

Again...love your costume.

Hot Pants said...

I always knew you'd end up at BYU.

Scott's costume looks so authentic!

Mary said...

Thanks for all of the pictures. I remember some fun times in LV on Halloween. Glad you all had a great time. You're costume is great and Scott looks guite handsome as a "National Guardist!" I'm so glad you've got your math class problems solved, too!

eekareek said...

That is Scott's costume? I thought he was doing Drill that weekend or something.

Erin Beck said...

Scott's very original I know, but he sure looks handsome in it!

ManicMandee said...

Scottie's a hottie.

Hey I am with you on math. I hate it and would probably do worse than you at it. I'm impressed you're finding a way though.

Jenny ESP said...

I'm glad you figured out your math problem and had a fun Halloween!

Emily said...

I'll say it again...you are amazing! I don't know how you are able to balance everything you do. Great costumes and super cute girls!

Memzy said...

Math is hard.