Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I love love love this girl! She is so smart and so talented and I could not ask for a more obedient daughter. Tonight we got to see her perform for the first time in a school concert playing her cello, one of my most favorite instruments. I was so impressed, I am ready to go out and buy my own and hire her to teach me. She looks so grown up and so pretty in this picture so I had to share it.
In other news, we are busy preparing for Christmas, putting up all our decorations while taking everything else down off the walls and getting ready to move into a bigger home. I will miss this cute little town home I have been in for 3 years but the girls and I have finally outgrown it with the addition of Scott (husband) Murphy (the dog) and the news of our new baby coming in July! I'm finishing up my last week of school and I cannot wait for a break from it all so I can catch up on some sleep. Besides all the chaos, and the busy schedules and nausea, I am so excited and feel so blessed for everything that is happening in our lives.